[an operatic manifest for the power of sex] •  OPERA  •  AARHUS, DENMARK  •  2017  •

World Premiere 24th February 2017
at Godsbanen, Aarhus, Denmark

Tour dates:
25th February 2017, Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark
8th-9th September 2017, Teaterøen, Copenhagen, Denmark

You will be witnessing a beginning; a genesis. Or, it might feel like several beginnings arising from a deep point in time and history. Around that point, from the darkest matter, the scenes of this opera seem to circle and unfold themselves into rather divergent tones and expressions. Best is to give up the search for a linear narrative as this piece is constructed of seperat units of juxtaposing and rather incoherent situations. Layer by layer the stage and the music grow deeper until all musicians and dancers melt into one total instrument. Though, a primordial feminine energy always seems present. It is as if the women in this universe are all cursed with a luring power that leads to a monstrous split personality of Pandora, the first woman on earth, whom each of them claim to incarnate: »I am Pandora the Almighty who is to come!«

The experimental ensemble Lydenskab from Denmark presents an international cast of mix-disciplined artists in this original operatic manifest written and composed by the award-winning Cuban composer Louis Aguirre. THE WAY THE DEAD LOVE is a result of the first meeting between Aguirre and the Berlin-based stage director and choreographer Troels Primdahl. Their aesthetics merge into a dynamic audiovisuel performance which invites the audience to peek inside their own nightmares, shifting between dry and wet dreams through landscapes of airy simplicity and outbursting wilderness.

»Sex dwells in light supreme
All the world is contained in you
Light of my life
You are the divine word
Why can’t I, why can’t I have sex?«

Music & libretto by Louis Aguirre
Directed by Troels Primdahl

The performing ensemble:
Mezzo-soprano: Laura Bowler (UK)
Dancer: Ichi Go (JP)
Dancer: Tizo All (BR)
Flutist: Karolina Leedo (EE)
Saxophonist: Henriette Jensen (DK)
Clarinetist: Carola Schaal (DE)
Guitarist: Thea Vesti (DK)
Percussionist: Heigo Rosin (EE)

Stage design: David Ramírez (CO), Anders Bigum (DK) & Troels Primdahl
Costumes design & make-up: Chia-Chia Hsu (TW)
Sound: Morten Elkjær (DK)
Photography: Anders Bigum
Production management: Karolina Leedo, Betina Rex

Produced by Lydenskab