ARTIST FILM  •  BERLIN  •  2016

With moving images intersecting the scopes of architecture, acoustics and choreography this film seeks to establish a man’s impact of the correlation between time and space. All frames are captured at Franz Ehrlich’s magnus opus building Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastraße.

A film by Anders Bigum & Troels Primdahl
Performer: Michael Steger
Composer: Filip Johan Arnestad
Color grader: Ricco Højland
Production assistant: Mathilda Rosengren

Thanks to: Susanne Graef, Antony Hequet, Nicolas Kort, David Ramirez Gómez, Justus Karl, Gianni Bommassar, Roland-Tim S. Heienbrok.

This film is accessable for online screening for distributors and festival programmers.
Please send a message for further information.